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Are you a retailer?

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Current Features

In addition to these current features, we are working with retailers and delivery partners to bring in further useful features to help you manage your deliveries as proactively as possible.

Get tracking alerts

Instead of having to click back on links to visit a carrier’s website, we send tracking alerts to you. We mainly track the major carriers in the UK and Ireland.

Choose your alerts

Choose default settings for your alerts, and change them for any particular delivery, to get the alerts you want.


Your order is coming, but you won’t be at home; share the tracking information with a friend who could be, to avoid a mis-delivery.

Free, no ads

We give FREE email tracking alerts for the first 10 parcels we track for you in a rolling 30-day period (i.e. alerts for up to 121 parcels a year).

Text alerts

Text messages are more immediate and less likely to be missed than an email or a notification. If you have an important delivery coming, you might want to use text alerts.

Online and in our app

The richest experience for our service is on our website, and we have brought much of that functionality into our app, so that you can set up and view your deliveries across platforms.

Retailer memo

To help you monitor your orders, you can record the retailer for each delivery in ParcelSpace.

Retailer links

With participating retailers, we have brought in automatic order input and messaging, to make it easier for you to receive your parcels and sort out any problems.

How it works

1. Sign Up

You can adjust default alert preferences, set up texts, enter your home address

2. Add a delivery

Enter the tracking number, select an address and enter a name

3. Adjust settings

You can adjust your alert settings and add the retailer

4. Receive alerts

More delivery assistance in your pocket

Try out our recently updated apps, available now on the App Store and on Google Play.

You can operate your ParcelSpace account from our apps.

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We were very pleased to have been shortlisted for the Innovation Trail and Awards sponsored by BT at RBTE in 2016.

Any delivery stories or unresolved delivery issues?

Have you told a friend about a delivery experience you have had? We call that a ‘delivery story’.

Tell us your delivery stories. We may be able to help you:

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  • Use your story or issue to bring about improvements in the future