About ParcelSpace

Proactive tracking service

The team at ParcelSpace have developed a proactive tracking service which helps you track your deliveries more conveniently. You choose when you want tracking alerts.

We think that our tracking service will make it easier for you to plan your day, and will result in fewer missed deliveries.

Improved parcel delivery

We have also developed a system to further improve parcel delivery for the benefit of consumers, carriers and retailers.

Our system builds on new delivery initiatives and increases their usefulness to consumers, so that carriers and retailers can provide still better delivery and fulfilment services. We are looking to introduce some of our services in the coming months.

If you are interested, please sign up to our proactive tracking service so that we can keep you updated. You can also contact us using our contact form.

Our values

Our company is being built on a hierarchy of values:

Ethical behaviour

We are keen to work to the highest ethical standards, including respecting privacy and confidentiality, and to operate well within all applicable laws and regulations.


We want to develop mutual trust and respect in all our relationships, both internally within the company and externally.


We want to operate a profitable and efficient company, but not if we have to compromise our ethics or relationships.

Positive co-operation

We recognise that others have knowledge, experience, abilities and commercial advantages which we don’t have, whether within the company as individuals or in the commercial world as separate entities, as appropriate.

We want to work together co-operatively to promote the best solutions, ultimately for everyone’s benefit, including that of consumers, but only in ways which protect and respect our differences and which leave plenty of room for market differentiation.