Documentation and live testing

Our API methods are listed in the left hand margin. The link pages show the request fields and options for each API, and give some background information about their use. Interfacing with common web enabled programming languages is straightforward.

Our retailer and delivery partner dashboards use our APIs and implement some additional functionality. Our dashboards are also a good place to start to investigate ParcelSpace, without any thought of a programming commitment on your side. They also include an option for uploading CSV files of orders and deliveries into ParcelSpace.

Live testing

Underneath the documentation on each API method page is a form for adding an API key and the other required information. When this is complete, you can click the Send request button to run the API.

When you do this, you will receive the full request line and the xml response below the form.

Our API methods are all written as RESTful APIs accessible over SSL, for ease of accessibility and security, and they give an xml response.

Obtaining an API key

If we have already been in contact with you, please let us know if you would like more information or if you would like to test our APIs. We can issue you with an API key and some test data, and we will help you set up some trials. We want your customers and consignees to receive their deliveries as conveniently as possible, and automatic entry of deliveries into ParcelSpace will help us to help them do that.

We also welcome enquiries from genuine retailers and delivery partners we have not yet met.