Used by a carrier to add a delivery (retailers and 3PLs use the same endpoint but with some adjustments).


For use by a carrier.

Variable Description type
key API key string
trackingno Tracking number string
retailer_id Retailer ID (please see below) integer (optional)
orderno Order number string
email Email address string
firstname First name string
lastname Last name string
level1 Address line 1 string
level2 Address line 2 string
level3 Address line 3 string (optional)
postcode Postal code string
country Country ID integer
ccode Phone country code integer (optional)
phone Mobile phone number (leading zero not required) integer (optional)

* All fields are required except where marked optional.

Retailer ID: this must be the Retailer ID used within ParcelSpace, and should be omitted if you do know it. We can share the Retailer ID field with you for trialling purposes and it's creation can be automated as part of any integration.