Used to list all deliveries with an open eNote attached (this means that the entity was a party to the eNote and has not closed it). Access is restricted to eNotes the entity is a party to.

GET or

For use by a retailer or a carrier.

Variable Description type
key API key string
page Page number integer
closed Select open eNotes (closed = 0), closed eNotes (closed = 1) or all eNotes (closed = 2) integer

* Both fields required.

Information is listed in pages of 10 items; the first field returned in the response, 'tot', gives the total number of deliveries retrievable.

The response gives delivery information, including the status of eNotes for this delivery (the 'noteopen' field) and whether the eNote listed was sent as a text message (the 'adhoc' field). The 'noteopen' field represents a binary number which shows how each party to the eNote has marked the eNote thread (each can mark it as either open or closed).

The response only shows the last eNote sent, and importantly gives the Delivery ID for the related delivery. The full eNote message thread is accessible from enotes/fetch, which requires the Delivery ID found from this API.