Used to list all deliveries for a retailer or a carrier ordered from newest to oldest. Timeslot info for each delivery, if any, is also included.

GET or

For use by a retailer or a carrier.

Variable Description type
key API key string
page Page number integer
order Ordering of results. This defaults to By order number. The following fields can be choosen to set the order: 'parceldate', 'despatchdate', 'orderdate', 'trackingno', 'carrier', 'status', 'firstname', 'lastname' string (optional)
orderno Filter by order number (exact matches) string (optional)
lastname Filter by last name (exact matches) string (optional)
type Show 'Open' (type=1), 'Late' (type=2) or 'All' (type=3) deliveries. ('Open' by default).  + Note that '&type=' is required in the url. integer (optional +)

* Fields are required except where marked optional.

Information is listed in pages of 20 items; the first field returned in the response, 'tot', gives the number of deliveries retrievable.

The 'Late' type represents a time period after the parcel is despatched and is set in the entity user account.

This API is useful for find the delivery_id of a despatch for further API calls, as well as the current delivery status.