Used to fetch a complete eNote message thread for a particular delivery. This will include any ad hoc SMS messages in the thread. In order to run this API, the Delivery ID is required, and this can be found by running deliveries/fetch.

GET https://www.parcelspace.com/enotes/fetch.xml or https://www.parcelspace.com/enotes/fetch.json

For use by a retailer or a carrier.

Variable Description type
key API key string
did Delivery ID integer

* Both fields required.

The 'tot' field gives the number of eNotes in the message thread.

The 'noteopen' field represents a binary number which shows how each party to the eNote has marked the eNote thread (each can mark it as either open or closed).

There are flags to show if the retailer and/or the carrier are accepting eNote messages (even if they do not accept eNotes, they can still send ad hoc SMS messages). There are also flags to show which parties a particular message was sent to (retailer, and/or carrier, and/or consumer). The API response only returns messages which the entity was a party to.