Consumer focused
last mile software

  • An inbox for your consignee's deliveries
  • Managing delivery expectations
  • Promoting your premium services

What is ParcelSpace?

ParcelSpace is a new breed of application:
consumer focused last mile software.

ParcelSpace enables you, your retail customers and their customers to connect securely and privately during delivery, working well with one or more connected.

An inbox for deliveries

ParcelSpace gives your consignees an inbox for their deliveries, a single view which gives them as much choice and control as you allow them. This can be on your website, in your apps, via your customer's website and apps, or via our website and apps.

Smart technology to ease the last mile

High levels of first time delivery not only save costs but also build your brand and help win retail tenders. Well applied technology has supported recent carrier growth.

ParcelSpace complements your systems as they develop and enables you to extend the availability of your tracking and delivery options, to manage delivery expectations, to reduce drop-off times and to raise your service levels.

What’s different about ParcelSpace?

ParcelSpace is built to support your delivery business - the deliveries in your custody, on behalf of your customers. ParcelSpace is independent from the primary delivery transaction. Thus it protects and enhances your services and your brand, whilst also serving consumers who receive deliveries through various delivery partners. You can safely control the options you make available through ParcelSpace and differentiate on your services.

What are the benefits?

ParcelSpace increases your revenue as you win new tenders based on raised service levels, and as you promote and sell more of your premium services to end consumers prepared to pay new money for extra convenience. Raised service levels also reduce the cost of mis-deliveries and customer services queries.

ParcelSpace will benefit early adopters most, and leverages technology to protect existing business and to stay ahead of potentially disruptive start-ups.

Strategic considerations
- why should I care?

ParcelSpace serves the needs of delivery partners, retailers and consumers and is genuinely independent to unlock benefits for all parties.

Consumer needs

Consumers receive their online shopping from various different delivery partners: from UK domestic carriers, from parcelshops, from parcel lockers, via sameday service providers, at retailer Click & Collect outlets and through other last mile initatives. Throughout the year, everyone receives parcels from different delivery partners.

No single carrier solutions, however sophisticated, will give the increased information and control across delivery partners that they need. In our research, no-one asks for multiple delivery apps: ideally they just want one. Often people do not know in advance who the carrier is until it arrives, let alone choose their preferred carriers.

Although delivery partners are using smart technology more and more to great effect, they cannot meet the wider needs of consumers. Unsurprisingly, even the best delivery apps have relatively small take up.

ParcelSpace exists to meet these consumer needs of communication, convenience, control, choice and confidence as far as possible. It's not about smart technology alone, but about the smart application of smart technology.

Consumer surplus and reach

Don't forget the consumer. It's all about the consumer. When delivery is convenient for the consumer, it's also good for the delivery partner and the retailer, because there are fewer customer services queries and fewer mis-deliveries. The consumer is happy because they have invested less time, effort and cost in getting their goods. This will lead to more online shopping, that feeds the business of both retailers and delivery partners. We call these positive effects a "Consumer surplus".

Related to consumer surplus is "Consumer reach". Just as Facebook defines the 'reach' of your posts and of posts 'reaching' people, so delivery partner tracking and options for consumers managing their parcels has a certain "consumer reach": this is the number of people who see, use or 'reach' your tracking and options.

ParcelSpace brings a consumer surplus and it extends the consumer reach of your tracking and delivery options.

Significant gains for delivery partners

ParcelSpace is delivery partner centric. It's also consumer-centric and retailer-centric, in the middle, genuinely serving all parties. In our forecasts, the delivery partner gains significantly. As noted above, it increases your sales by helping you win new tenders and promoting your premium services to consumers able to pay for them. It also reduces the costs of mis-deliveries.

ParcelSpace is independent

ParcelSpace is not involved in transacting or arranging the primary delivery transaction between a retailer and a delivery partner. It is built to serve delivery partners, retailers and consumers to ease last mile delivery problems, without favouring a particular party. It facilitates a consumer surplus and positive co-operation between the parties because it is independent of any particular party. There is plenty of room for market differentiation amongst delivery partners, because they remain in control of their involvement.

Complimentary to your systems

ParcelSpace is entirely complementary to your own systems, as they develop. We applaud good use of technology in logistics. You already offer tracking and access to delivery options. We complement those services and extend their reach; this results in a consumer surplus from which you will benefit.

ParcelSpace is ready

After more than eight man-years' development, ParcelSpace is ready for trialling with delivery partners now, for rapid learning and continuous improvement for all involved. You can explore our APIs here.

Early adopters gain the most

We believe that early adopters will gain the most from ParcelSpace for the following reasons:

  • You will learn what works best for your business sooner than others
  • Being involved with ParcelSpace will be a good news story which will enhance your brand
  • ParcelSpace also serves retailers, and fosters your conversations with retailers - which may help you win more tenders for new business
  • ParcelSpace should be revenue positive for you very quickly, and should result in early profits
  • ParcelSpace will protect you against disruptive start-ups, and will enhance your position in the marketplace
  • As an early adopter, you would be able to influence further development of ParcelSpace, to ensure that it meets your business needs

Window of opportunity

There is currently a window of opportunity to trial with ParceSpace; the market landscape may change quite quickly, leaving only less independent options. Now is a favourable time to explore ParcelSpace in more detail, and we look forward to meeting you.

To find out more about ParcelSpace or to start a trial, please contact us.


We were very pleased to have been shortlisted for the Innovation Trail and Awards sponsored by BT at RBTE 2016.