Consumer focused
last mile software

  • An inbox for your customer’s deliveries
  • Protecting your brand on the doorstep
  • To help you sell more

What is ParcelSpace?

ParcelSpace is a new breed of application: consumer focused last mile software.

ParcelSpace enables you, your delivery partners and your customers to connect securely and privately during delivery, working well with one or more connected.

An inbox for deliveries

ParcelSpace gives your customers an inbox for their deliveries, a single view which gives them as much choice and control as possible. This can be on your website, in your apps, or via our website and apps.

Smart technology to improve delivery

You and your delivery partners can perform a perfect service from initial order to the final depot, but successful delivery is entirely dependent on whether your customer is at home or has an unattended solution - which is not always the case. ParcelSpace enables you to anticipate delivery problems before they arise and to turn delivery problems into positive conversations.

What’s different about ParcelSpace?

The fundamental difference about ParcelSpace is that it is built around the customer's perspective, not only with superior customer configurable tracking across platforms, but as much choice and control as is possible, at their convenience. ParcelSpace unlocks new services and is genuinely complementary to existing systems, with a number of options for participation.

What are the benefits?

The primary benefit of ParcelSpace is that it helps you sell more through increased loyalty and referrals because your customers will love it. Along the way it protects your brand and gives you new ways to interact with your customers. It also results in reduced costs from customer services queries, problem deliveries and returns.

How is ParcelSpace relevant now?

Trade and business press, conferences and delivery surveys indicate that both delivery and delivery information are an essential element of purchasing online.

Consumer expectations

Consumer expectations for delivery are continually increasing, even as delivery fulfilment improves. Yet Yodel reported that for many consumers, being informed about their deliveries was more important than speed1. 89% of people say that being able to track their delivery is an important part of transacting with a retailer.2

Relevant ParcelSpace features: The automatic availability of superior customer configurable tracking information and communication options in ParcelSpace can even exceed consumers' expectations.

Your competitors are doing this

Top retailers are investing very heavily now to provide customers with a single integrated view of all their fulfilment channels because their customers have been asking for this. Giving their customers transparency about their deliveries "is another area where Retailer Winners already recognize the opportunity".3

Relevant ParcelSpace features: ParcelSpace provides delivery information to a wider audience, including those who don't check online or download your app. Pricing is competitive and much lower than enterprise projects, and implementation can be quick.

Delivery matters

According to a recent YouGov survey4, 47% of us have had issues with deliveries, and 71% of us will switch retailer based on a poor delivery experience. Delivery may be the only physical touchpoint between you and your customer. It's a unique opportunity to make a difference, and if you are an omnichannel retailer, it supports your whole service offering.

Relevant ParcelSpace features: ParcelSpace enables you and your delivery partner to connect to your customer after order and despatch, and opens up a new communication channel to manage delivery expectations and build loyalty.

Customer services are important

"Be prepared for when things go wrong - because they will. When it comes to home delivery, don't look at customer service representatives ... as an expense to be outsourced to the lowest cost provider ... No matter whose name is on the truck that rolls up at a customer's house, it is the retailer's brand at stake"3.

Relevant ParcelSpace features: ParcelSpace protects your brand on the doorstep whatever the delivery experience and reduces "Where is My Order" calls.

1 The Delivery Conference, February 2015; 2 Hermes, October 2015; 3 RSR, November 2015; 4 YouGov April 2015.

Options for retailers

ParcelSpace has various options to complement and extend your existing services. Your customers will really appreciate the extra convenience; you will benefit from using ParcelSpace because they do.

ParcelSpace is most effective when you and your delivery partners for an order are fully participating; then your customer has the delivery at their fingertips to manage as proactively as possible both before and after despatch, either through your website and apps, or directly through ParcelSpace, online or in the apps. ParcelSpace is also extremely useful if only one or two parties are connected.

Seamless integration

The best and most flexible interface with ParcelSpace is via its collection of RESTful APIs, which connect most of our services to your systems. These APIs allow access to particular ParcelSpace services, without duplicating any other services which you may already be providing. We will add custom APIs where appropriate.


We have plugins/extensions for Magento (Magento Community) and Linnworks, and a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file upload, and we have plans for other plugins and upload methods.

Shareable customer
configurable tracking

Web tracking

Many retailers offer this already; we can assist you setting this up if necessary and do not charge for website tracking. We can also make this available for your apps.

Tracking alerts

There are various options for tracking alerts. You set a default policy, avoiding duplication with your delivery partner alerts, and your customer can override this for individual orders or as a default, either on your website and in your apps, or if they are ParcelSpace users, via ParcelSpace. The alerts are sent by email, text or app notification, and save your customer clicking a link.

Email tracking alerts are shareable so that others properly involved in the delivery can receive them too; this option is available on your website, in your apps or via ParcelSpace.

Branding and white label

All our services carry your branding. Fully white label options are available; there is a reduction for tracking and other solutions which also show a ParcelSpace logo. White labelled emails are professionally sent from your preferred domain, and are customisable.

General Functionality

Dashboard overview

Our retailer dashboard gives you an overview of delivery activity across carriers, and is immediately available without any integration.

Set up your ParcelSpace preferences and customise tracking alerts. ParcelSpace has role-based user accounts, and you can allocate access from your dashboard.

Set and meet expectations

Set and communicate the expected delivery date through ParcelSpace, monitor deliveries, anticipate problems before they arise and be alerted of late deliveries. This is available via the dashboard, email alerts or in other tools by API.

Messaging options

You can enable direct eNote messaging associated with their deliveries from your customers, for direct private resolution of delivery issues. These messages are available to collect and respond to via the retailer dashboard or in other tools by API.

Two-way texting

Two-way ad hoc text messaging is also available for direct SMS communication, and this is interleaved with eNote messaging.

Passive messaging

ParcelSpace also offers some specific passive messaging: the customer makes preferences and requests, which do not require a response. This does not require any customer services time, and may be useful in the delivery process. This is optionally made available across connected platforms.

Retailer specific options

Returns options

You may have a range of preferred returns options for different orders. ParcelSpace allows you to offer those alongside the delivery details across all connected platforms.

Click & Collect

After order and before delivery, up to a certain cut-off, you may allow your customers to collect from a local store. This option may be offered to the customer through ParcelSpace.

Delivery partner last mile options

Various last mile delivery options are offered by different delivery partners, including premium next day delivery, delivery to a parcelshop or parcel locker, sameday and timeslot deliveries.

If your delivery partners offer these services and are connected to ParcelSpace, and you can approve a customer using them, this may enable a more creative combination of last mile options for the benefit of all parties.

Results of retailer trialling

Our retailer trials have reduced the level of mis-deliveries for signed for packages to 25% - a number much higher than generally reported 'on time' delivery performance, which also shows what a significant issue ParcelSpace addresses.


We were very pleased to have been shortlisted for the Innovation Trail and Awards sponsored by BT at RBTE in 2016.