The options for retailers using ParcelSpace are explained on the retailer solutions page. Some, but not all, of that functionality is available in the Magento extension plugin.

Some of the screenshots and functionality available through the Magento extension plugin are highlighted below, followed by a list of features and benefits for the extension.

Website tracking

A customer returning to their order page can click to see website tracking, which means that they have an incentive to return to your website, when they might make another purchase.

Unlimited website tracking is free.

website tracking feature
website tracking feature 2

'White label' website tracking

Website tracking is also available ‘white labelled’, as part of a plan, which gives your website a more unified presentation.

Tracking alerts

Set the delivery alerting you want to give your customers; alternative alert settings allow you to offer a flexible service across different carriers.

tracking alerts
tracking alerts 2

Email tracking alerts

Meet customer delivery expectations by sending brand enhancing email tracking alerts.

'White label' email tracking alerts

For a more unified presentation, you can choose to white label tracking alerts. We use independent reliable mail servers, and we will help your IT support with settings to ensure that your tracking alerts appear where your customers want them: in their inboxes.

whitelabel tracking alerts
whitelabel tracking alerts 2

Branded text alerts

Use for some important delivery stages.


Ad hoc text messages

Send an ad hoc text message to intervene with a problem delivery.

ad hoc text messages ad hoc text messages 2

ParcelSpace customer offering

Customers will be very impressed to receive tracking alerts directly in the ParcelSpace website or apps.

Customers choose tracking frequency

Through ParcelSpace, your customers can control their alerts from you, which they will appreciate.

eNotes with ParcelSpace

Optionally customers can also send eNote direct messages to you through ParcelSpace, to further enhance customer relationships.

eNotes eNotes 2
retailer dashboard

Use the retailer dashboard for an overview of your open customer deliveries, particularly those which are late. Identify exceptions and late deliveries, and intervene where appropriate, so that you can provide a personal service when people need it and win repeat business.

Features and benefits

Feature Free Plan option Benefit
Website tracking
Website tracking in customer account Drive customers back to your website
Customers appreciate being able to track their deliveries
Link to ParcelSpace customer offering
'White label' website tracking Unified presentation
Email tracking alerts
Email tracking alerts ✓ * Increased customer satisfaction with delivery process
Branding opportunity
Link to ParcelSpace customer offering
Customisable 'white label' tracking alerts ✓ * Unified presentation (including sending from your domain)
Default and alternative alert preferences ✓ * Flexible service across different carriers
ParcelSpace customer offering
Customer can override alert frequency Customers appreciate control
Automatic entry of deliveries Exceeds customer expectations
App and website platforms Flexible alerting platforms
eNote direct messaging Enhanced customer relationships
Text tracking alerts
Branded text tracking alerts ✓ * Increased customer satisfaction with delivery process
Branding opportunity
Ad hoc text messages
Branded texts from the website Turn delivery problems into positive contact opportunities
Retailer website
Dashboard overview of delivery activity Maintain oversight of your customer deliveries across carriers
Deliveries review page
Configurable late deliveries setting
Identify exceptions and late deliveries, and intervene
Orders review page View orders with tracking information
Role-based user accounts Can be used by a team, with management control
API key Direct connection to ecommerce system

*Free option – 100 email alerts in a 30 day period

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