ParcelSpace Pricing

ParcelSpace provides some really useful features to help you develop your customer relationships and your business at very modest prices, and there are also free options and an early adopter programme.

All pricing is for a 30 day period, with no long-term commitment.

Free options

Website tracking – unlimited despatches. Email alerts (optionally white labelled) – starter option free for up to 100 despatches a month.

All options allow you to send and receive eNote messages, and to protect your brand on the doorstep, using the dashboard to keep in contact with your customers during delivery through the ParcelSpace website and consumer apps. For ParcelSpace consumer users, delivery alerts are customisable and shareable.

Plan costs

Plan costs depend on your service options and the number of despatches you make over a 30 day period, and range from free to 6.4p each despatch, at the maximum plan level. Out of plan costs are also modest and are shown on the plans page.

We want to encourage your customers to get the benefits of using ParcelSpace, and so our plan costs are structured accordingly, with the maximum cost per despatch with email alerts falling from 6.4p to 1.6p if you are open to including a ParcelSpace credit.

Text messages

Ad hoc text messages range from 6p to 4p each; cheaper text message bundles can be bought in the higher plans.

Pricing table

Service options Possible combinations
You must choose between 1A or 1B  
1A   Website tracking only
1B   Email and text tracking alerts and website tracking
2    'White label' email tracking alerts
3    'White label' website tracking

Plan cost for 30 day period

Included number of despatches: £ £ £ £ £
Free: 100 0 0 0 N/A 0
Light: 500 0 8 24 8 32
Active: 1,800 0 24 72 24 96
Busy: 5,000 0 52 152 50 202
Large: 10,000 0 72 212 70 282

Effective cost (paid above) per despatch in plan

Included number of despatches: Pence Pence Pence Pence Pence
Free: 100 0 0 0 N/A 0
Light: 500 0 1.6 4.8 1.6 6.4
Active: 1,800 0 1.3 4.0 1.3 5.3
Busy: 5,000 0 1.0 3.0 1.0 4.0
Large: 10,000 0 0.7 2.1 0.7 2.8


The out of plan costs and the prices for text messages are highlighted on the plans page below.

The plans page is accessible when you log in to ParcelSpace. Here all the service options have been selected (the row highlighted in blue matches the last blue column above, i.e. a transposed format).

Please contact us to trial our retailer solutions or to arrange an online demonstration.